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    From sketch to works of edible art, The Caketress specializes in uniquely tailored and large scale wedding cake designs in Dubai ,UAE and internationally for select destination ?clients.

    Due to the amount of ?elaborate craftsmanship and focus on unique innovative yet timeless masterpieces, only a select amount of wedding cakes can be taken on each season


    All designs are original and never repeated and are individually priced based on size, amount of elaborate craftsmanship, servings and amount of hand made sugar flowers ( which can take weeks to create each petal of hundreds flowers by hand)?

    One of a kind Engagements Cakes staring from 16,000 aed and up?

    Couture Wedding Cakes starting from 24,000 aed and up

    ?Destination orders priced on request.?


    A four month minimum lead time for ordering is recommended to ensure availability and adequate time for elaborate design options.

    Contact Here ?with Event Date & Location ?for more information and availability.


    Perfectly Done!! When people see my wedding pictures there are always in awe of the cake and it tastes great too!

    Ashley , Verace Hotel Wedding , Dubai

    Fashion Design Collabs

    For Press and Social Media collaboration content Contact: Info@